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Internet continues to ruile the world and constantly make great leaps of changes.  Fiber to the home is one of the newest technologies for connecting your household to the internet for an extremely low cost.  Get rid of DSL and dial up internet and experience the wave of the future.  Fiber to the home guarantees you 24 hour to rapid fast internet and crystal clear connections.  All of your services are converged onto one network including voice, video, interenet and data applications.  Contact us today for more FTTH and metro Ethernet information.

If you work at home, Fiber to the home is an excellent option.  You will need a lot fo bandwidth in order to receive and send large files as well as to have your important teleconferences without any technical errors of interruptions.  There is nothing more unprofessional than not being able to connect with your client.  You will also be guaranteed a 24/7, round the clock uptime with your fiber to the home connection.  If you occasionally work at home, metro Ethernet may be a cost effective solution for your home and business needs.

You will be able to connect directly to your ISP without having to go through the local phone company.  All of your cable, internet and phone services will be converged onto this metro Ethernet connection.  If you are unsure about your bandwidth, we can help you to find a good bandwidth for your fiber to the home connection and you can adjust this speed at any time with our scalable services.  Contact us today for more information regarding your FTTH questions and we will provide you with a free Fiber to the home quote.

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